Monday, November 3, 2008

Make me throw my hands in the ay-er

The Flo-Rida/ song would definitely be pumping through my speakers if I were driving the new air-powered car, even if the song will be a few years old by the time I get one.

But that's the good news - the CAV (compressed air car) is only a few years away. We could be seeing these cars on the road as soon as 2011. In fact, I'll probably ask for one as my college graduation present. Maybe I'll be able to get a discount on it with my diploma though. The CAV is expected to cost around $20,000 - definitely not bank-breaking - but who doesn't want a deal?!

But the expected arrival date and the name of this car aren't its best assets. Remember that it's run (mostly) on air. By combining a little air with a splash of ethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oil, or gas (it's your choice), the CAV can carry you for 800 miles at interstate speeds. Looks like the road trip we've all dreamed about might actually be possible again!

Not only will Joe and I actually be able to make our road trip from New York to
Indianapolis, Chicago, Wyoming, Washington, California, back to our humble abode, but we'll also be promoting a cleaner environment. The CAV is run on air - meaning it's not polluting the environment.

My only concern: I'll be saving so much money, not having to buy gas. Therefore, my trips to the mall will not be (entirely) to earn money, but rather to spend it. Where will I put all my shopping bags in the CAV?!

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